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Telephone: +31 06 1619 7002

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Our team of specialised and dedicated translators are available to help you with your legal and business translations.

We provide translations in various language combinations.


Have your document checked by our editors for correct spelling, grammar, style, and coherence to make sure that your readers are not distracted and annoyed by language errors, but actually read and be inspired by what you have to say.

Certified Interpreter

Our team of certified interpreters is at your service for interpreting activities in the court room or at the notary.

We can provide an interpreter for any language you may require. Our team of 40 includes Russian, Syrian, Tamil, Chinese, Russian, German, Arabic, English, French, and African interpreters.


Legal Language Masters

Legal Language Masters is the bespoke Dutch legal training institute, an innovative new collaboration between Victoria J. Laws and FOCUS Legal Translation Agency.

We are proud to present the Legal English Masters Programme, a new series of Legal English Masterclasses for Dutch legal professionals who work in an international setting.

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T    +31 06 1619 7002

E    mail@focus-vertaalbureau.nl

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