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FOCUS Translation Agency values customer satisfaction, professionalism, diligence, transparency and customisation.

The combination of these values has resulted in the following procedure:

1. You can request an obigation free quotation
•via the website
•by email
•by phone
2. You receive a quote for a language or interpreting service specifying
•the required service
•the costs
•the delivery deadline
•a quote for language training will follow after a preliminary discussion
3. Upon your agreement with the quotation
•you receive an order confirmation
•we will create a work file for you in our secure online working environment (so sensitive information does not go via email)
4. Getting started
•we deliver the interpreting service, language service or training course
•the translator/editor consults with you during the translation/editing process on issues that require attention and you will receive the translation / edited text on the agreed date at the latest.
•the interpreter will coordinate with the notary about the best way to work together
•the trainer will discuss the practical organisation of the training and progress with you.
5. Aftercare
•We will discuss with you whether the assignment was completed to your satisfaction and offer any support you may still require.


  • If we are unable or unwilling to carry out an assignment because we do not have the substantive expertise, we will let you know and, where possible, refer you to a party in our network that could carry out the assignment.
  • All information we receive from you will be treated confidentially. If we do not carry out the assignment for you, we will delete any digital files we have received from you from our database.
  • We work with professionals, experienced translators and interpreters with a passion for their work and the expertise you require.
  • We work with the four-eye principle: there are always two translators involved in a translation or editing job.
  • Our general terms and conditions apply to all assignments we accept. You declare that you agree to them before we take on your assignment.

We know from experience that this way of working produces reliable quality – quality you will be proud to use and show. It is with good reason that FOCUS Vertaalbureau has been the language partner for many organisations since 1994.


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