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Right of way – as a translator you are so off track

Do you use your neighbour's land to get to your house or garage, or someone else's land to get to your holiday home? Or do the neighbors want to use your yard or courtyard? Then you probably have to deal with the right of way. This is the right to use (part of) someone else's land. For English translators, the term crossing provides a nice puzzle. In the context of territory, overpad is translated as right of way. But a wrong term has been applied, because
  • a track crossing is a crossover
  • a guarded crossing is a level track crossing
  • and 'overpad' is translated as crossing area
And wrong terminology in a legal translation is a no no, you will feel that on your own. We certainly do. So we do our homework carefully and ensure the appropriate English terms in the purchase contracts of houses that we translate on behalf of civil-law notaries and estate agents. So not only the term 'right of way', but also terms such as 'the serving party', the serving yard' and the ruling party'.   With cordial greetings, Willem Ezerman

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