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Playing with language

At FOCUS Translation Agency we love playing with language. We enjoy doing so, because we are, after all, enthusiastic and driven expert idiots. And at the same time we have to, because our client has commissioned us to translate his text and trusts us to do it well.

That playing with language is partly about finding the most appropriate English term within the context of the sentence and the text as a whole. In doing so, we use, among other things, our knowledge of the Dutch language and how it is used by our clients. At the same time, we know how rich the English language is.

To give a few concrete examples: in many of the texts we have to translate, terms like ‘breach’ , ‘execution’ and ‘agreement’ appear. In English, there are several alternatives / synonyms for these.

An offence in English can be a violation, a infringement or a breach.

‘Execution’ can be translated as execution, implemetation or performance.

And ‘agreement’ can be translated as contract, lease or agreement, among others.

Everything depends on the context and the intention the client has for it. And we have just that sense of context and intention like no other. And therefore ensure the perfect translation.


Kind linguistic regards,

Willem Ezerman

Director / English translator


p.s. Also want to learn to play with language? Then take one of our language training courses:

  1. Correspondence – short intensive training on writing emails and letters in English.
  2. Grammar Expert – a highly effective training course on using business English in the workplace.
  3. Faultless Written Communication – a short and powerful training course focusing on faultless Dutch writing.

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