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Interview Interpreter

If you want to use an experienced, sworn interpreter for a cohabitation contract, delivery of deed, mortgage deed, prenuptial agreement, or a court case, we are happy to help.

FOCUS Translation Agency provides interpreters for court cases and notaries.

For court cases and notary offices, we provide professional sworn interpreters. They assist clients who have little or no command of the Dutch language. We exclusively provide sworn English interpreters.

The interpreter always translates a few sentences from each speaker for the interlocutor(s). It is the aim of the interpreter that all interlocutors understand each other for the meeting to run smoothly. This method of interpreting is especially suitable for meetings with a limited number of participants, up to about 10 people.

“We have FOCUS Translation Agency supply all our interpreters.

The process always runs smoothly and the interpreters are all professionals with expertise.”

Jeroen Wijts, notary public | Wijts & ten Brink Notaries


Our interpreters

We work with a team of permanent interpreters. So you will quickly have a suitable and reliable interpreter available. Our interpreters stand out for their experience, integrity, flexibility and reliability. And they are all registered in the Register of sworn interpreters and translators.


  • experience with the subject of the conversation
  • always work on location
  • live in the region
  • qualified: interpreter/translator training and registration in the Dutch Sworn Translators’ Register
  • representative, empathic and professional
  • fluent in at least two languages
  • simultaneous translation: everything is translated
  • discussion partner for client


The all-in fee of an interpreter includes the time the interpreter’s is required at the notary or the court, preparation time, and travel time. When you request a quote, you can specify exactly what you want to use an interpreter for. You will receive a clear, obligation-free quote quickly, and we will assign the nearest suitable interpreter to your assignment.